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Creating Homes
Where Families Thrive

We furnish warm homes for families transitioning from homelessness.

See the work of our volunteers come to life in our latest transformations!

Volunteer, Donate, and more...

there are many ways to contribute!

One of the most rewarding things I have done in a long time is to become involved with Furnish with Love. This organization creates inspiring spaces to help elevate the lives of those vetted families that are moving from homelessness into their new homes.

Crawford Bray, Volunteer Designer

When we entered our new home and saw people who gave their time, their effort, their willingness to give us the happiness that my two children my wife and I felt, seeing everything there was much more than we could imagine to the smallest detail. 

Julio, Local Resident

Such a heartfelt moment to see this loving family walk into their newly decorated home. The young boy gave it a thumbs up and was super excited about his basketball themed room. The mom had to take a moment and was just overly thankful for my team of stagers decorating her home to the colors and style she wanted.

Krisztina Bell, Volunteer Designer

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