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What Makes Them Feel Good

At Furnish with Love, we know that space effects how you feel and that there is no more important space than home. In this case, 10 year old Elijah shared that he feels joy when  watching his favorite show, Naruto. So, our volunteer designers brought in some of the show’s posters, merchandise and bold colors. Grandmom Delyane shared that she is particularly drawn to the color mauve and “older pieces with a soul”. These desires led the transformation of a donated desk, and her bedroom.


“I wake up like, ‘wow, this is great’. Somehow, my bed feels more comfortable. Elijah didn’t want to sleep in his bed because he didn’t want to mess up the new bedding. So, I took a photo for him of how you all made it.” Elijah’s grandmom and guardian Delayne.


Design by Katie Nowakowski and Ann Hesskamp

Partner Agency: City of Refuge

Project Sponsor: Keller Knapp Realty, Inc.

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