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Our Hearts, Their Homes

At Furnish with Love, move-in day is Nesting Day. While the family is away, volunteers and designers get busy furnishing and decorating the home.

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Once beds are made, curtains and art are hung, and the kitchen cabinets are stocked, the FWL team welcomes the family back home for the big reveal, showcasing a home that is fully furnished to meet the needs and dreams of the family as they make a new start.

Our families are always filled with gratitude. It’s incredibly fulfilling to welcome them home to a beautiful, functional space, stocked everything they and their children need to thrive.  


Some even return to join Furnish with Love as volunteers, so they can help other families with the same generosity that they received. 


If you would like to become a volunteer, or discover other ways you can make a difference, we want to hear from you!

Thank you to all of our Interior Design Volunteers!

Andrea Finger

Angel Haumschild, ReVamp

Ann Hesskamp, Tweak Interiors

Ann Wisniewski, AJW Designs

Ashleigh Esprit, The Studio Social

Audrey King, Audrey Frances Design 

Beth Krakow, Womens Wellness Atlanta

Chandra Farley

Crawford Bray

Elle Cantrel and Amber Robinson,

Elle Du Monde

Emily Klimkiewicz, Purple Martin Interiors


Gayle Knight

Gina Vono

Ina Grennes

Janie Wilburn and Anna Bolch, The Jane Group

Joi Anderson, FwL Intern

Katie Nowakowski

Kristina Bell, Rhonda Leonard & Chloe Delevasco, No Vacancy Home Staging

Lisa Turner, Trinity Mercantile and Design

Loren Taylor and Carolyn Taylor,

Loren Taylor Interior Design

Marcia Knight and Kemper Orr

Mellissa Craig

Michael Habachy, Nobuko Masuda & Laura French, Habachy Design and Atelier

Natalie Lewis, Mariposa LLC

Radhika Vydianathan, Kaala Chakra Interiors

Robin Ligameri

Shakia Jones, Allure Haus Designs

Thea Beasley

Tracie Moore

Wallace Bryan, Trinity Mercantile and Design

Want to join the list? Email us at

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