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A Home that Roars!

A strong person who lost her parents as a teenager and left an abusive relationship, this Mom is buoyed by life in her beautiful new home. Mom works at a Fortune 500 company and is making a fresh start with her 5-year-old son. In the words of the social worker who referred her to Furnish with Love, “her tenacity and zeal for life show how resilient she has been through her trials.”   


Mom wanted a sleek look but still wanted to be surrounded by memories. She asked the designers if they could add to her collection of black and white accessories and make a special place to remember her mother. Her son just wanted dinosaurs. And he likes them to ROAR! Our volunteer designers got to work and created a welcoming home full of treasurers from her past and ready for new adventures. 


Special thanks to volunteer designers Ann Hesskamp, Katie Nowakowski, and Mellissa Craig

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