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Growing Up

We met these sweet brothers with very different needs. Big bro is in the 5th grade, so homework is picking up. As we believe in all school age children having a place that reminds them that their studies are important, he got a handsome desk surrounded by mementoes of his favorite team - the Atlanta Falcons. The little guy is battling some health issues that he is expected to outgrow in a year. So, for now he’s in a toddler bed next to mom, but soon he’ll be able to move into a big boy bed just like his brother. 


“Thank you! It’s a home.” Mom of 2 boys, Renee.


Design by Krisztina Bell and Rhonda Leonard, No Vacancy Home Staging

Partner Agency: Mary Hall Freedom House

Project Sponsor: No Vacancy Home Staging

Photos by George Steward, Impact Photo

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