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A Bed of His Own

When we met this mother and five-year-old son, they had just transitioned from three years of homelessness. They had lost their home when fleeing from domestic violence and were immensely grateful to finally have a place to call their own. They were nominated for a FwL gift by a social worker at the child’s school who shared with us that, despite all the hardships they  faced and continue to face, this mom gets her son to school on time every day with a smile on her face. Mom’s greatest hope in getting our gift was that her son would get his own bed.

Special thanks to volunteer designers Audrey Frances King of Audrey Frances Design and Loren Audrey Taylor of Loren Taylor Interior Design.


What Makes Them Feel Good

At Furnish with Love, we know that space effects how you feel and that there is no more important space than home. In this case, 10 year old Elijah shared that he feels joy when  watching his favorite show, Naruto. So, our volunteer designers brought in some of the show’s posters, merchandise and bold colors. Grandmom Delyane shared that she is particularly drawn to the color mauve and “older pieces with a soul”. These desires led the transformation of a donated desk, and her bedroom.


“I wake up like, ‘wow, this is great’. Somehow, my bed feels more comfortable. Elijah didn’t want to sleep in his bed because he didn’t want to mess up the new bedding. So, I took a photo for him of how you all made it.” Elijah’s grandmom and guardian Delayne.


Design by Katie Nowakowski and Ann Hesskamp

Partner Agency: City of Refuge

Project Sponsor: Keller Knapp Realty, Inc.


Growing Up

We met these sweet brothers with very different needs. Big bro is in the 5th grade, so homework is picking up. As we believe in all school age children having a place that reminds them that their studies are important, he got a handsome desk surrounded by mementoes of his favorite team - the Atlanta Falcons. The little guy is battling some health issues that he is expected to outgrow in a year. So, for now he’s in a toddler bed next to mom, but soon he’ll be able to move into a big boy bed just like his brother. 


“Thank you! It’s a home.” Mom of 2 boys, Renee.

Design by Krisztina Bell and Rhonda Leonard, No Vacancy Home Staging

Partner Agency: Mary Hall Freedom House

Project Sponsor: No Vacancy Home Staging

Photos by George Steward, Impact Photo


1000 pleasantdale crossing apt 425-2.JPG
1300 Mayson Turner Rd #1208-6.jpg
Gifting to a Giving Mom

When we met her, this great young mom had a single used mattress on the floor of her bedroom with sheets that did not even fit. Meanwhile, she had invested everything she could into her four year old son’s room. He had a handsome twin bed, a sports-themed rug and bedding, a child’s book rack filled with age-appropriate reading material, and a train table to keep him creatively busy. We were thrilled to be able to gift them each a desk (as both are now in school), a furnished living room and a beautiful bedroom for this great mom.

Design by Rhonda Leonard and Chloe Develasco

Partner Agency: City of Refuge

Project Sponsor: NO VACANCY home staging

Photos by George Stewart, Impact Photos


A Safe Landing

Life was good for the Jackson family until neighborhood violence forced them to make a quick getaway from their jobs and their home, leaving most of their belongings behind. Thanks to their hard work and the incredible support of City of Refuge, they are now settled in Atlanta with the two boys in school, Mom & Dad working and even a family business plan evolving. As just one piece of the puzzle to help them pull their lives back together, the Furnish with Love team created this home where they can fuel their passions - cooking, basketball, drawing, Star Wars, reading and family time.

Design by Ashleigh Esprit, Shakia Jones, and Tracie Moore

Partners: City of Refuge

Photos by George Stewart, Impact Photos


1300 Mason Turner Rd #2305-11.jpg
Mother & Daughter Femininity

 Candace and Auri have been through a lot. And, yet, they have the sweetest smiles and brightest attitudes you could ever imagine. Their request was to include soft, blush colors and brilliant unicorns in the design of their home and we were happy to deliver! On the morning of the installation, we arrived to a kitchen full of gifts for us, our recipients’ expression of appreciation. That evening, all of us wiped tears from our eyes as we revealed their new home and experienced the palpable joy in the room.  Had it not been for Covid-19 precautions, there would’ve bigger and longer hugs all around!

Design by Natalie Lewis, Mariposa Consulting, LLC & Chandra Farley

Partners: City of Refuge



Dream Fulfilled

Mom described her dream to the volunteer design team -- a home with a little glamour and an old school "art deco" feel. The Furnish with Love designers enthusiastically combed through the warehouse, piling up their finds in preparation for moving day. Some creative bargain shopping ensued for curtain panels, drapery hardware, new bedding, and other finishing touches. On install day, volunteers worked at a fast clip to turn the dream into reality in just 6 hours. Mom and daughter were ushered upstairs and walked through their newly-decorated home in awe, touching new items and seeing their familiar things in a new light. Beaming, Mom said her vision had been brought to life.

Design by Mellissa Craig and Shakia Jones
Partner Agency: City of Refuge


Out of the Fire

 Due to a 3:00am apartment fire, the Zuluanga-Lopez family lost everything overnight. In less than a week, a volunteer crew got to live out our name and “Furnish with Love”! We selected, assembled, and moved all the furniture, installing a 3-bedroom apartment in record time! A fully furnished home, filled with warmth, generosity, and beauty, is a wonderful thing to be able to give a family.

Design by Lisa Turner, Trinity Home Design

Partners: Design Logistics



Colors of Happiness

To wrap up serving Atlanta families in 2019, Furnish with Love’s volunteers created this home of reds, oranges, yellows and blues to put everyday cheer into the lives of the next family that will settle down here.

Design by Wallace Bryan & Elizabeth Turner, Trinity Home & Design

Photos by Anastasia Alkema Architectural Photography

Funding sponsored in honor of Warren LeGarie, Albert Hall and Rhoda Festejo

5200-A Buford Highway NE High Res-5 (1).jpg
Bright & Beautiful

We completed this project for a mom whose work commute from Clayton County to North Fulton took a toll on her health and her car. With her car down, it became impossible to get to work. Without a job and little savings, she was soon evicted. She found friends and family who were willing to keep her son while she lived out of her car and sought employment. We were so happy to create this fresh, bright, and comfortable new environment for mother and son.

Design by Emily Klimkiewicz, Purple Martin Interiors

Photos by Ulrich Brinkmann Photography

Funding sponsored in honor of Warren LeGarie, Albert Hall and Rhoda Festejo

Making Wise Use of Space

This refugee family lives in a tight apartment. To create a comfortable environment, we fit bunk beds and a twin bed in the bigger bedroom, moved what had been the TV console into the kids’ room for a dresser, changed out the large coffee table for a smaller one with folding leaves. A second large sofa was replaced with a single chair and comfy floor pillows that can be stood up against a wall. The former TV console was replaced with a set of cubbies to allow for extra storage. In the kitchen, we gifted stackable stools that can slide under a new tall movable island. We wish the family all the best on their continued journey!

Design by Beth Krakow, head heart home design & Tracie Moore

Partners Inspiritus, Refugee and Immigrant Services


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