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Brighter Days

A space full of color and comfort was the dream of this Mom and her teenage son. She was nominated by Mary Hall Freedom Village for a family project to transform her Austell duplex into a home. This team of three designing friends enlivened the basement living area with bold turquoise and orange accents. In Mom's room, her collection of black and gold prints set the stage for an elegant space. The son's room reflects his love of graphic art. The designers even softened up the Mom's "meditation closet" with wall coverings and pillows. They now have a dining table with room to invite their extended family for dinner, a comfy place to watch a movie together, and bedrooms that provide an escape for privacy that teenagers (and their Moms) love.


Design by Jamie Kern, Robin Ligameri, and Gina Vono

Partner Agency: Mary Hall Freedom Village

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