Shopping Made Easy - No Assembly Required

Volunteer furniture assembly
Volunteer designer Shakia Jones assembled this console from a box for a family... but what a project!

Where do Furnish with Love volunteers shop when they need a quick piece to complete a project or some fun kitchen accessories? When we are not in the mood to put together a desk or console that comes in 50 pieces, we've found a few "go-to" places that you may want to visit.


With more than 20 Atlanta-area locations, HomeGoods is a trove of design treasures. The best part? Furniture that is already assembled! Try HomeGoods for furniture, linens, kitchen items, and more. Also, check the home section of TJ Maxx and other discount stores for some surprisingly good buys.


If you are near Peachtree Battle shopping center, check out Nadeau. Their slogan is "Furniture with a Soul," and their furniture is handmade and imported from around the globe. It's a great place for side tables, consoles, and wooden pieces -- and they also have a Marietta location. One of our shoppers recently got a 20% discount on a piece that had lingered in the store because it was mint green -- she's getting ready to paint!

Home Depot and Lowe's

You can find some surprisingly useful items at these stores, both online and onsite. We've purchased curtain panels and drapery hardware, rugs, side tables, plants, and more. See Home Depot and Lowe's.


Always a favorite. Lots of inexpensive and good-looking housewares, some assembled furniture, lamps, and outdoor furnishings, too. It's never a bad time to make a Target run when you are looking to freshen up a room.

Where do you go to find new and inexpensive home furnishings? Let us know at We'll share your suggestions and some places to find gently used items in future newsletters. Happy shopping!