Renovations Underway at Our New Home

It’s happening. As we explained in a previous email, Kathleen and her husband Rob recently bought the building at 508 E. Howard Street in Decatur. Furnish with Love is on the right/east side of the building and Rob’s law firm will be on the left/west. Although FWL doesn’t require much more than an empty warehouse for storage, some changes are being made so we can be more efficient and our volunteers can be more comfortable.

In our furniture refinishing room, the carpet will be removed so we can better clean up paint spills. The low and big (albeit cool) light fixtures will be replaced with some high track lighting to make the room feel larger and to put better light on our handiwork. We are getting our own laundry room to prepare fresh sheets and towels for each home, which will be equipped with a slop sink and ample hooks for drip drying paint brushes. Our linens room is getting additional dry wall to fully enclose the space and protect the fabrics from excess warehouse dust. FWL and the law firm will share the rest rooms, which are getting a facelift, a new breakroom, and several new conference rooms.

The warehouse walls will get a fresh coat of paint, have hooks added to the walls for displaying artwork, get electrical wiring for hanging chandeliers - just for the fun of it - and a drapery system to partition the storage areas from the front showroom. Demolition began on August 31 and the move-in date is scheduled for November 30. While construction ensues, a fence will surround the parking lot, but Furnish with Love will remain open for business.