Meet Allie, our Summer Intern

As our summer intern, Allie Weinstein looks forward to providing Furnish with Love families with critically needed comforting environments.

Hello! I am Allie Weinstein, and I was born and raised in Atlanta. I just graduated from Woodward Academy and will be attending Indiana University in the fall. Being accepted into Indiana University was such an exciting experience for me. I know that Indiana is the place for me, and being accepted made me feel like I finally had a place to express my true colors.

I am planning on majoring in Interior Design, so Furnish With Love is a fabulous place for me to intern for the summer! I am excited just thinking about the courses, faculty, guest speakers, field trips, volunteer opportunities and internships that lie ahead in Indiana. Through my major, I will get to deep dive into all of the tools and skills I need to succeed in this field. Some of which I've had exposure to (problem-solving, design thinking), but many of which will be brand new to me (environmental psychology, ethics, construction methods).

When I was five, I remember obsessing over my grandmother's job. She was an interior decorator. She grew my love for this art by teaching me everything she knew. She took me to show houses, showrooms and antique shops and walked me through her wallpaper and fabric books. She taught me how to look at space as a canvas and appreciate quality through textures and patterns.

This past summer, I was lucky enough to expand my knowledge and understanding of interior design through an internship with a nationally recognized designer, Amy Morris. After submitting my resume and interviewing with my soon to be co-workers, I was hired! During my internship, my passion and desire to pursue interior design as a career continued to grow. I was exposed to both the glamorous (selecting and presenting ideas to clients) and not so glamorous (moving and installing furniture) sides of the business. Working alongside Ms. Morris and her team helped me know that someday I would like to own my own interior and exterior design firm that works with residential and commercial clients.

This passion will benefit me at Furnish With Love because I have been given the perfect environment to continue to expand my knowledge and love for this art! I have so much more to learn about this field, and Furnish With Love has the perfect environment to help me do it.