Art Prints to Enrich our Lives

One of the meaningful items in the Jackson home, our most recent project, is an art print by Decatur's Rebecca Cristante. Rebecca has been creating block prints since 2010.

The "Good Trouble" print of John Lewis is a woodcut block print. As Rebecca describes on her Etsy site, "Not only was John Lewis a personal hero of mine, but I also had the privilege of voting for him as my Representative. He reminded us to make 'good trouble'. I am listening." All proceeds from this print will go to support a charitable cause.

Furnish with Love Board member Beth Krakow and Rebecca met through their kids who are friends. When Rebecca was asked if she would be willing to donate a print to one of our projects, she was happy to contribute! Support her vision, and see her inspiring work on Etsy at PassifloraPressInc.