A Story of Determination and Generosity

Mother and her sons in their new apartment
Breyana Turner and boys enjoying their new apartment (5 year old daughter not pictured).


Single mother of four, Ms. Breyana Turner was referred to Furnish With Love by Kadijah Felder-Patterson, a Case Manager with City of Refuge – House of Cherith. The initial nomination came to us highlighting a multitude of character traits, which included “commitment to providing a stable environment for her children” and her “focus on improving her circumstances.” Mrs. Felder-Patterson was convinced that Ms. Turner would be the perfect candidate to receive a gift from FWL.

Facing Adversity

About a year and half ago, Ms. Turner experienced a domino effect and fell on hard times. She experienced car issues and her lack of access to transportation resulted in the loss of her job and ultimately her residence. Ms. Turner was also dealing with the death of a loved one. With four children raise, ranging in age from 2 to 8 at the time, she knew she had to get back on her feet quickly. With the assistance of referring agency, City of Refuge, coupled with her dedication and hard work, Ms. Turner eventually secured employment and permanent housing.


Today, Ms. Turner is an eager, vibrant, dedicated, hardworking mother, living in a beautifully furnished, 3-bedroom apartment. For this project, Furnish With Love cannot take the credit. But must instead, give the praise and acknowledgement to Ms. Turner for a job well done. Although Ms. Turner was nominated back in February and voted on by the FWL Board, due to Covid, FWL’s warehouse move and other circumstances, we were not able to initiate the project until 3 months later. Little did we know, Ms. Turner was determined to make her space feel like home sooner rather than later. And that she did!

Selfless Act

When we contacted Ms. Turner regarding initiating the process to fully furnish her home, she indicated that she had made some sacrifices, saved money and purchased furnishings for her new dwelling. She had single handedly furnished her entire place! She explained that while there were some items that she still may “want”, she had everything she “needed”, with the exception of a dining table so that she could enjoy a meal with her entire family. Ms. Turner stated that she was “blessed” and knew that there were numerous families in the complex that had far less in furnishings. She instead selflessly insisted that we proceed and agreed to pay her gift forward to another family in need.

Nevertheless, to acknowledge Ms. Turner for her generous act, FWL wanted to make every effort to gift the family with a few items. We ultimately were able to provide a brand new dinette table and chairs for 4, place settings for four, matching abstract artwork for the family room, dinette area and accent wall, a comfy personal throw and a few other decorative items. We topped it off with fresh flowers to complement the existing décor.

The Gathering Spot

The Turner Family was a joy to meet. On Install Day, Ms. Turner’s adorable boys, Xavier, Malcolm and Lenox greeted and welcomed us to their home with hugs. They were excited about the new décor and eager to claim their seats at the new dining table that was gifted to the family, as they previously had no place for the entire family to gather for meals.