A Safe Landing

Life was good for the Jackson family until neighborhood violence forced them to make a quick getaway from their jobs and their home, leaving most of their belongings behind.

Thanks to their hard work and the incredible support of City of Refuge, they are now settled in Atlanta with the two boys in school, Mom & Dad working and even a family business plan evolving. As just one piece of the puzzle to help them pull their lives back together, Furnish with Love created this home where they can fuel their passions - cooking, basketball, drawing, Star Wars, reading and family time.

It takes many pieces to furnish a new home. For the Jackson family, we counted at least thirty-four (34) individuals who gave gifts to create their new space. From the designers who listened and imagined the plan; to the volunteers who repaired, re-finished, painted, shopped, and assembled; to the in-kind donors who shared their own artwork, showroom floor samples and gently used furnishings, the love poured in. And, this does not even count the valuable donations of funds and support skills it took. The family was deeply grateful. As the designers and FWL team descended the apartment stairs after the reveal, we heard the mom voice her appreciation one more time, “Thank you all. I have been Furnished with Love!”

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